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At Home Euthanasia

We offer house call euthanasia services in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and Strathcona County. We also arrange for the transportation of your pet to the crematorium, where they will be handled with the utmost degree of compassion and respect.

The euthanasia procedure can either take place inside your home or outside in a private location on your property. We can also make the arrangements for you to say your final goodbyes at the funeral home and crematorium, after the procedure has taken place, if you so wish.

Please call or email us directly for our prices. Guidelines for fees are set in place by the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association and standardized across our profession.

Cremation fees vary depending on the weight of your pet, and whether you would like their ashes returned to you or not. You can also choose from a selection of urns, as well as other keepsake options, if so desired.

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Your Pet can Stay at Home

Your pet will be free from anxiety
No need to transport your pet if it has poor mobility, fear of car rides, or dislike of veterinary clinics
You can remain in the privacy of your own home to grieve
No need to drive in a bereaved state
We will take care of all the details

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